Tales of the Town, 2017

In June 2017, interactive curiosity cabinets landed in the post-industrial town of Bollington, awaiting audience’s participation to unlock stories hidden inside. These were located at several points in the town - Clarence Mill, the rec, Market Place, St John’s Church and the viaduct – and each will contain the memories of people in the town that relate to themes such as community, work and play.

With local anthropologist Zak Tanamli, we conducted interviews with local Bollington residents to catch a glimpse of how life in Bollington has changed over the years, and what the future looks to be. The ‘Tales of the Town’ exhibition was a nostalgic look into the lives of people in a town that prides itself on its heritage, industry and community spirit. These stories captured the days when Bollington was famed for spinning the finest cotton, being an ounce over the scales resulted in headless jelly babies in the sweet shop, and local legend Dr. John Coop pioneered the popular Bollington Arts Festival.